Hot air balloon flight is an unforgettable experience

Flying in a hot air balloon flight is a lifetime experience, where you can gently sail across the sky and enjoy the beautiful finnish landscapes from a bird's eye view.

Hot air balloon was the first successful way for human to fly - the first flight took place in Paris 1773. Interestingly the hot air balloon has continued to amaze and attract people, because of sheer uniqueness of the experience, as, in this flight it is the journy that matters, not the destination.

The MOMENTS-balloon trip lasts 3-4 hours of which one hour is spent travelling in the air. Our service includes transportation from the agreed meeting place to the departure site and back to the meeting point after the flight, the flight itself and traditional after-flight ceremony and diploma at the landing site.

In VIP and groupflights the whole crew is reserved just for You and You can choose the flight site.

For more information and for reserving your tickets, please call number +358 40 50 888 00 or send email to myynti (at)






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